A client centric approach to systems development

Nestled in the Protea Hotel in Centurion is an innovative company specialising in systems development, automation and integration.

The company named ‘Kohde’ (after the Finnish term for target or goal orientated) embodies their philosophy of providing a holistic approach to their clients. When approached by a client, the team is dedicated to understanding the client and their users’ exact needs and generating a complete solution. They add value by placing the client’s requirements first, with no red tape or bureaucracy involved. Clients are treated as top priority rather than just a number, and that has really paid off for the Kohde team. Staggeringly, four years of business has emanated from referrals, they haven’t had to advertise because their work has spoken for itself and has led to continued business and constantly satisfied clients.

It all began in the attic of Grant Jubber’s house, where Grant and his fellow software consultant Joe van der Walt formed the company from scratch. Since then, the company has grown considerably with 20 employees now making up the Kohde team. The two original directors are now joined by Jaco van Schalkwyk who brings a great mix of vision and technical expertise to the leadership of the team.

Kohde services a vast array of businesses, but their niche is in the agricultural and financial sectors.

The agricultural landscape in South Africa presents a myriad of opportunities in data gathering technology. The integration and automation solutions which Kohde has implemented involve spray plan management solutions, hedge management as well as integration with IoT devices which measure soil quality, monitors weather and water levels as well as vehicle tracking to name a few.

On the financial sector side, Kohde has assisted financial institutions in business process automation – cutting out manual processes and automating approval processes and performance benchmarking.

Symbolic of the values and culture of the team, Kohde partnered with First for Women developing the For Women platform (www.for-women.co.za) to aid the fight against violence toward women and children.

The next point on the Kohde leadership team’s agenda is to advance even further in the development operations space, making the development life-cycle shorter and less expensive to enable them to provide an even more superior service to their clients in future. Kohde is committed to excellence and we are sure this is a company to watch as they grow from strength to strength.