Suits or sneakers? The variety of personalities in co-working spaces

Co-working spaces tend to fit into two categories; most common are those offering open-plan spaces which are vibrant, noisier and conducive to networking, and the others that focus on a more corporate atmosphere portraying a professional image with privacy being a key factor. It’s interesting to observe how various co-working personalities thrive in one of these two opposing environments. There’s no doubt that entrepreneurs and small businesses are the key to growing our economy, so creating the perfect co-working spaces for these two groups of business professionals is critical. The question we need to be asking is can these two environments be offered hand in hand, or are they mutually exclusive?

Depending on the nature of the individual seeking co-working spaces, it should be pretty clear which category your business would fall into. For example, advertising agencies / freelancers would be looking for a vibrant space where their creative juices can flow and they can hold brainstorming sessions and be inspired by their everyday surroundings and environment. A lawyer on the other hand requires the opposite; a quiet, private space where they can concentrate and get on with their work, with less foot traffic and gatherings.

Luckily, Joburg is currently booming with an abundance of co-working spaces popping up virtually on every corner and within key business hubs that are catering to the different needs of those using co-working spaces and facilities. The best part is that co-working spaces can be used for a few hours, daily or weekly and there are no large overheads incurred for using the space, which is the reason so many young professionals start running their business from a co-working setup.

Technology has become such an integral part of our everyday lives, that apps similar to Uber and Airbnb have popped up for co-working as well, such as Airbase etc. making it increasingly simple to find a co-working spaces at the touch of a button and book online, all on the day that you require it. No paperwork, no fuss, just on-the-go ease.

For some businesses who are unaffected by the social aspect, it may boil down to price. The vibrant spaces have probably injected a reasonable amount of funding into aspects like interior design, whereas the more corporate spaces may be positioned in existing business hubs where the costs of maintaining the aesthetics is not so high.

At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and which co-working environment you think you will be most productive in, ensuring your business grows from strength to strength.



If you are interested in co-working space in the greater Sandton area in Joburg, visit www.theorchard.co.za.




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