Look before you lease!

Before you decide to relocate, it’s best to calculate your ‘effective occupancy per square metre’. In other words, what will your lease actually cost you? You’ll need to factor in operating expenses, escalations and other rental provisions, as well as day-to-day considerations like parking bays and alarms. If you’re looking for industrial space, will you need a generator? If you’re considering commercial property, will there be transport costs for your staff? All this will need some careful financial analysis – and a little help from those with expertise and market knowledge. (Call us anytime!)

  • Remember your deposit: industry norms are two to three months’ rental.
  • Allow for IT: Telkom and other service providers need plenty of time to connect.
  • Financing the fit-out: this includes dry-walling, carpeting and air-conditioning – and can be a costly outlay.

To fast-track the process, remember that we’ll need the following FICA documentation from prospective tenants: company CK documents, copies of directors’ ID documents, signed resolution for signatory on offer documents, three months’ bank statements, copies of proof of directors’ residence, credit references, and ITC checks.


‘To be successful in real estate, you must always and consistently put your clients’ best interests first. When you do, your personal needs will be realised beyond your greatest expectations.’ – Anthony Hitt


Need a space?

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