Remaining efficient in a constantly evolving property industry

In the local property market no two businesses are alike. They are structured in different shapes and sizes which makes comparing them nearly impossible. Looking specifically at their systems and processes, it’s likely that the larger companies make use of various systems and processes to manage their portfolios efficiently.

Innovation is the name of the game these days and in order to stay cutting edge and maintain their market share, the larger companies constantly seek the next best system to empower their business and offer their clients a more efficient service.

One of the greatest challenges with employing new systems is the ability and willingness of employees and clients to embrace them and use them correctly, and therefore training is critical. The nature of business in any industry is that people tend to struggle with change, so when a business adopts a new system or processes, it can take massive effort just to on-board the relevant users.

We at Fieldspace are in the midst of adopting a new system that will enable us to offer our clients a more efficient service and will give us the data we need to improve our processes and procedures. We pride ourselves on being innovative and are confidently taking this next step to providing service excellence.

One of my forecasts for the property industry is that in the next decade we will see a massive decentralisation of business where office space will be much more fluid and flexible. We need to be cognisant and plan for the future, making sure that our company can thrive in that environment. This means that we will favour future-proofed systems and processes that will be able to maintain their relevance in a new, transformed property industry.


So are your company’s systems future-proofed? Have you given thought to how your business is adapting to the future? Leave us a comment below to join the conversation.