Experience the future of the property industry

We are living in exciting times. Most industries have transformed enormously in the past four decades, to the point where the way businesses are run today is unrecognisable in comparison to that of the 1980s.

Technology has taken hold of our businesses and the lives of our clients and consumers from the availability of information on the web to electronic billboards, internet banking functionality to the social media boom, almost every aspect of current day life is dependent on technology.

It can be argued that the commercial property industry is somewhat of an anomaly in this regard, because often as much as 80% of most commercial property business is generated from good old ‘To Let’ boards placed outside relevant buildings.

Once a business owner starts looking for office space, he calls up a broker, visits a few sites and relies on a few dimension figures and his imagination to visualise how the relevant space will look when refurbished to his unique specs. Now, one has to wonder whether we should have made use of the latest technology by now to assist the potential tenant in identifying his/her perfect space.

We spent a lot of time contemplating this concept last year and we came up with a way to show brokers and prospective clients a view of what a space could look like once it has been refurbished, using Virtual Reality technology. Making the client feel like they are standing inside the fully refurbished space sparks their imagination and gives them a new perspective which could ultimately have a large impact on their decision.

Our team proudly opened the doors of 676 on Gallagher in Midrand to a stream of brokers to demonstrate this innovative tool in February. We received remarkable feedback and are pleased to be partnering with brokers to assist their clients in finding the perfect space in which their businesses can thrive.

We love showing brokers how it works, so if you weren’t at the event, please get in touch with our leasing team (011 305 2345 / leasing@fieldspace.co.za) to arrange a demonstration.