Cubs get involved in Parkmore’s latest community-based project

Shandon Way Park has been drawing the local community together in more ways than one. Spearheaded by Kate Wardle of the PCA (Parkmore Community Association), the Park has received new play equipment, palisade fencing and most recently, it’s very own vegetable patch.

Last Saturday, the Parkmore Cubs, a boy scouts group aged seven to eleven, got their hands dirty creating a vegetable patch in the Park. In preparation, the seedlings were planted in trays to grow until they were ready to be planted directly into the ground and residents helped out by providing water from their boreholes.

The variety of vegetables planted includes lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions, broccoli, cabbage and spinach. Once ripe, these will be available for community members to pick and take home. In order to keep the patch growing, those who pick veggies will plant more in their place.

This is a fantastic initiative for the Cubs who learnt general farming skills, got to have fun outdoors, watched their seedlings grow and will no doubt feel a great sense of achievement once the vegetables are ready to be picked. These are all important lessons for the youth of today. Secondly, it’s great for Parkmore residents to have a communal vegetable patch where residents, especially young kids, can appreciate the process of where food comes from and the effort and time that goes into farming and the agriculture industry.

We are proud to be sponsoring the park because it reflects our mission to preserve green spaces in Sandton and entrench ourselves in the Parkmore community as owners of the local Parkmore Square shopping centre.


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