Mandela Day 2016 – the Fieldspace way

The target was set. The aprons were on. The tins were open. The clock hit 8:00am and boom! We were off. The excitement in the air was palpable. There was smearing galore as each of us set to work armed with tubs of jam and peanut butter. The team began the colossal task of making 670 sandwiches in 67 minutes in celebration of Mandela Day.

During the 67 minutes, despite running out of bread, jam and peanut butter (and racing out to buy more), the process worked like a well-oiled manufacturing line, with each team member fully entrenched in our mission.

We reached and our target with ease, making and packing 700 sandwiches, and will hand them over to House of Harvest Ministries who will assist us in distributing them to those in need in the Midrand area. The Midrand community is close to our Fieldspace heart as a large portion of our property investment is based there. “We don’t just want to profit from businesses in the area, but rather to help uplift the local community in any way we can,” said Scott Field, CEO of Fieldspace.

Nelson Mandela 670 sandwiches group

Nelson Mandela 670 sandwiches Station 2 Nelson Mandela 670 sandwiches Station

Mandela Day blanket drive:

Nelson Mandela Blanket drive